Error Code 43 in Windows XP – Causes and Fixes

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Device Manager error codes, such as error code 43 Windows XP are messages generated by the Windows OS to indicate that the devices connected to the system are not recognized. The main purpose of these error codes is to make it easier to find out the root cause of issues with devices connected to your system.

What is “error code 43 in Windows XP”?

The error code 43 is generated when the operating system stops the external device from running on the system.  This happens when the OS that has the drivers for the external device suddenly loses it.

Error that appears on the screen

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

OS other than Windows XP which display the error code 43

All versions of:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2008


  • Bad or poorly written device drivers
  • Faulty device
  • Windows corruption

The error is usually generated when an external device is connected through a USB port.

How to fix error code 43 in Windows XP

Error Code 43 is not a common error and occurs very rarely. To solve this issue, follow the steps listed below:

Check for a Conflicting Driver – Drivers are software that helps in creating an interface between the connected device and the OS. When one driver tries to take the same resource from another driver, it results in a conflict because both drivers try to use the resource at the same time. To check for this you have to go to the Device Manager and remove the device driver giving problems. Here are the steps:

1)    Click Start and then select All Programs.

2)    Click Accessories and then browse to System Tools.

3)    Click System Information.

4)    Under Hardware Resources, select Conflicts/Sharing.

5)    The problematic device will have a yellow or red exclamation mark next to it. Check for the correct driver and then follow the steps below to remove them from Device Manager.

a.    Right-click My Computer, and select Properties.

b.    Click the Hardware tab and then choose Device Manager.

c.    Right-click the device with the red or yellow exclamation, and then select Uninstall.

d.    After the uninstall is complete, close all the windows and restart the system.

Once the Windows XP OS starts, it will automatically recognize the device. If the conflicting driver still exists then you can follow these steps –

Perform System Restore – Windows keeps a snapshot of the OS settings and other important system files and the system can be put back to the date when this snapshot was taken. To achieve this follow these steps:

1)    Click Start and browse to All programs.

2)    Select  Accessories and then click System Tools.

3)    Click System Restore to display the System Restore window.

4)    Select a date when the system was working fine and complete the system restore process.

If this also does not solve the problem, look for the problems with the device itself or the Windows OS.

If the device is faulty then –

  • Connect the same device to another good known system and see if the driver or device gives you the same error.
  • Download the latest driver for the device from the manufacturer’s website. This will solve all problems if the driver of the device is corrupt.
  • Check for any cable damages and swap with any good known cable.

If all this does not solve the problem, it is better to do a clean install of the OS to remove the error. You may also get your device checked by the vendor for issues related to component damage.

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