Fix Stop 0x00000024 in Windows XP

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Stop error or Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), such as Stop 0x00000024 in Windows XP is used to display errors on the screen of your PC by Microsoft Windows OS. Whenever there is a minor or critical system failure, the stop error is displayed on the screen with a bunch of hexadecimal codes and text. These codes help in diagnosing the reason for the unwarranted system shut down.

How to Fix Stop 0x00000024 in Windows XP

Stop 0x00000024 error  is a common error that points to the NTFS file system of the OS. The file NTFS.sys stores the information about NTFS partition tables and it is loaded before the OS. This file helps the OS to detect the NTFS partition and when this file is corrupted OS is unable to find the NTFS partitions. This is when it displays this Stop error 0x00000024 on the screen.

Error that is displayed on screen

*** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x81BA1368, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)”
NTFS.sys -address F81498E9 base at F80E4000, date stamp 3b5e36a9
The hexadecimal digits keeps changing based on the hard drive address but the error displayed is always Stop 0x00000024.

There are various ways you can fix the Stop error 0X00000024 in Windows XP. They are-

  1. Resolve software and driver issues
  2. Check for Virus Infections
  3. Run the repair


The first two options work best only when you are able to log into your Windows XP OS. If you are not able to log in then only option 3 will work.

Step 1- Resolve software and driver issues– If you have installed a software or updated a driver after which the system gives the stop error 0x00000024, uninstall this new software or remove the driver from the Device Manager.

Windows update service updates third-party hardware with Microsoft’s version of the driver.  This driver might not work properly with the OS and can therefore generate a STOP error. If you are unable to detect the driver, you can run a system restore and revert to a system setting on a date when your system was working fine. To run system restore follow these steps-

  1. Click Start and select Programs.
  2. Browse to Accessories and then click System tools.
  3. Select System Restore and choose a date before your Windows XP was updated.
  4. Once the system settings are restored to the selected data, the computer will be restarted.

Step 2 – Check for Virus Infections – Virus infections can cause a system to perform abruptly. There are certain viruses that download themselves on to the system and attack core system files and then delete or modify them. To eliminate the viruses, you need to first remove various system restore snapshots from the computer. You need to delete these snapshots because they may have traces of the virus that infected your system.

To remove these files, you first need to disable System Restore. Here are the steps –

  1. Right-click My computer and then select Properties.
  2. Select System Protection from System window.
  3. Now select C: from the Available drives and click on Configure.
  4. Select Turn Off System Restore.

Step 3 – Running the Repair – This is like the Midas touch solution for the Stop 0x00000024 error if it is a problem with the OS. To run the repair follow these steps-

  1. Boot the system from Windows XP installation CD.
  2. On the Welcome to Windows Setup screen, click the repair option by pressing R.
  3. Choose the command prompt and provide the admin password if asked for it to open Recovery Console.
  4. At the prompt type CHKDSK /F.
  5. Next,  run the CHKDSK /R command.
  6. Once both of these are run type exit and then restart the system.

This should fix the stop 0x00000024 error  completely if it is a problem with the OS. If not, run a complete diagnostic on the hard drive to identify the problem. If nothing works, you may have to replace the hard disk.

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