What to do when Windows Vista service pack 2 won’t install

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The Windows Vista Service pack 2 is a periodic update for the Windows Vista operating system. This is an enhancement to the components of Vista and is provided free of cost to users who have purchased and installed Genuine Windows Vista on their computer.

What to do when Windows Vista service pack displays errors during installation

The service pack can give errors during installation due to the following reasons:

  1. Pirated copy of Windows Vista
  2. Use of third-party boot managers
  3. Problem with Windows Installer
  4. Windows environment and registry errors
  5. Unseen software errors

Error that appears on the screen when Windows Vista service pack 2 won’t install

Installation was not successful

An internal error occurred while installing the service pack

Service Pack Installation Cannot Continue: One or more of components that the service pack requires are missing

Depending on the cause, you may fix the errors using one of the following methods –

Pirated Copy of OS- If you are using a pirated copy of Windows Vista, the service pack will not install and give an error. Windows Vista service pack 2 has a piracy checking mechanism built into it that checks for authentic versions of Vista. The best way to deal with this is to purchase and install an authentic version of Windows Vista on the system.

Third Party Boot Managers-
If your system has dual boot option with a third party boot manager like GRUB, the Service pack installer will give errors. This is because the service pack does not understand third-party boot managers. It is better to remove GRUB or any other third-party boot managers and then try to install the service pack.

Problem with Windows Installer – When Windows Update downloads the service pack and tries to install it using the Windows installer the Service Pack 2 installation may fail. To overcome any problems with windows update service you can download the Service Pack 2 from the Microsoft website and then install it manually by double clicking on the downloaded file.

Windows Environment and Registry Errors – Windows provides a tool called System Update Readiness Tool (SUR) that is used to create an environment for the service pack to install without any glitch. This tool helps in replacing incorrect manifests, system files and registry data with the correct ones. This way this tool sets up a perfect atmosphere for Service Pack 2 to load.

Download this tool from the Windows website and then install it on the system. SUR will take around 15 minutes to install and fix problems on your system. Once SUR does its job, restart your PC and then try to install Service Pack 2 again.

Registry Errors – If the SUR is unable to fix the problems, it is better to delete the vLite registry key, which is created when the Service Pack 2 stops midway during installation. When you try to install Service Pack , it is unable to overwrite these registry keys and fails again. This is why it is better to delete the registry keys of the partially installed version of Service Pack 2. To achieve this –

  1. Open Registry Editor by running the regedit command.
  2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and then right-click on the vLite folder in the left pane.
  3. Select delete.
  4. Close the Registry Editor and restart the system.

After this try to install the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 again and if it fails then try the next step.

Unseen Software errors – Most of the times the antivirus and firewall programs may create problems during the installation of Service Pack 2. Some other third-party software may interfere with Service Pack 2 installation. So

  1. Run the msconfig command to display the System Configuration utility.
  2. On the General tab, select the Selective Startup option.
  3. Clear the Load Startup Items check box.
  4. Now open the Services tab.
  5. Select the Hide all Microsoft services check box and then select Disable All.

This will disable any program apart from the core Windows programs and should solve the service pack 2 uninstall issue.

Remember to enable the services after the Service Pack 2 installation is complete.

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